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Family Unity, Education, and Legal Network 

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The Sacramento Family Unity, Education, and Legal Network for Immigrants is a coalition of over 80 local  non-profits, religious organizations, law school immigration clinics, businesses, local pro bono attorneys, educators, and other community partners dedicated to serving the legal, information, and health needs of Sacramento’s immigrant and refugee population.


The FUEL Network, in partnership with the City of Sacramento, is committed to protecting immigrant families. By understanding our legal rights, utilizing our local resources and services, and standing together as a community in support of immigrants, we can respond to ICE's intimidation tactics with power, not panic.


As a way to empower our community and community partners, the FUEL Network offers a variety of services including:


  • Free Immigration Legal Consultations and Removal Defense Services 

  • Know Your Rights Presentations and Undocually Trainings

  • Family Emergency Preparedness Assistance

  • Mental Health Services Including Forensic Psychological Evaluations to Support Individuals in their Applications for Immigration Relief

  • Rapid Response Funds

  • EOIR Orientations


If you would like additional information regarding our network and the services we offer, please email us at


The Sacramento FUEL Network provides immigration legal services, community education, and trainings.


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